A downloadable program for Windows, macOS, and Linux


This is not meant to infringe upon the rightful owners of Pacman! I simply wanted to let everyone enjoy this little program I wrote in C#. I'm still learning how to code so if the sound lags that's just cause the Console.Beep(); thing is weird. This took about 3 hours to make because I had to figure out the spriting and refreshing line code stuffs ;b


PACMANOM.exe 10 kB

Install instructions

I'm hoping this works on linux and mac but I'm not completely sure it will, so if it doesn't; please let me know! This is just a console application so you shouldn't really need to install anything for it to run. I can update later on with extra colored ghosts or something if anyone is interested enough... though orange won't work unless i make it flash between red and yellow =.=